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A look at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team from a GM perspective.

Cardinals Caravan 2013- Peoria area Last Night

Cardinals Caravan 2013

We (all my adult kids and 2 grandchildren) attended the Cardinal caravan last night in East Peoria, Illinois. The fans are rabid and ready to go for another season. There were a few hitches during the proceedings (like lights going out and microphones not working) that caused a few moments of consternation but overall it was a typical evening at the Caravan.

Ricky Horton did the bulk of the work at the event. He is not as funny as most but he stuck to the plan of the night. Adron Chambers had the most fun as a player in attendance but Mark Rzep did the bulk of the talking.

A few notes from it was that Shane Robinson said he was the fastest guy on the team and Adron Chambers told him otherwise. Chambers was asked what his best position was and he said any that Matheny deems for him to play. He just wants in the game.

Barrett Browning had very little to offer but he has to be concerned with the addition of Randy Choate to the roster. Kerry Robinson was a bit dry in his answer to what a baseball scout does while Jason Simontacchi had some fun with the crowd. He will be in Peoria full-time as the pitching coach for the Class A Cardinal affiliate Peoria Chiefs in 2013. The man felt comfortable in the mix.

The awarding of prizes took a very long time but overall a decent night for all.