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A look at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team from a GM perspective.

Cardinals Waiting for the “Magic” Isn’t Going to Win Games

Cardinals Waiting for the “Magic” Isn’t Going to Win Games


My, oh my. The Cardinals choked on their own saliva and couldn’t get themselves resuscitated on Sunday afternoon against the Nationals. It was there for the pickings. The walks were abundant. The opportunities abound. But the flesh was not willing to take advantage.

Yes, Pete Kozma is a AAA shortstop playing in the major leagues. He has had a good run and opened some eyes. But to place him in that spot in a playoff game is almost inexcusable. This has to be an area the Cardinals pursue in the off-season.

The hitting was untimely or basically non-existent. The Cardinals were waiting for the “magic” that has happened so many times before.

Where the Cardinals need to win one game in Washington, DC, now it requires two. This is going to be tough to handle.