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Let’s Ponder the St. Louis Cardinals

  The Cardinals aren’t a very good team. They are fortunate to be playing in the Central Division where no team has been good. But they thing about this is they MUST win this division to get into the playoffs. They just don’t have the horses to pull it off. Ponder this. The Cardinals really don’t […]

Things are Bad. The Cardinals Border on Pathetic.

The Cardinals team just isn’t there. They show they can compete against the Phillies…. and we know they are the lowliest of lowly. They go to extra innings in two games and lose the third. They struggled. The Pirates aren’t having a good season either and they beat the Cardinals 4-3. Did you see the […]

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Checking the June Schedule   Oh, I definitely remember as a child that when June/July got here there would be work to do in the hay fields. Things like bailing, unloading the wagon, putting it up in the hay mound and it was a dirty, nasty job. Now is the time for the Cardinals to […]

The Cardinals are Stale.

It’s sad. The Cardinals are just so average. Think upon this question. Which Cardinal player is a superstar in the league right now? Can you name one for the Cubs, Giants, Dodgers, Nationals and Angels? Sure you can and so can I. But the St. Louis Cardinals have a roster full of above average, average […]

What’s Cookin’ on the Cardinals Farm? May 29, 2017

Monday Edition Cardinals Minor League Report   The Cardinals lost on Sunday to the Colorado Rockies and lost the series. Despite the Cardinals hitting four home runs, all the solo type, they were defeated 8-4. Before the game, the Cardinals announced that Kolten Wong was going on the 10-day disabled list and Paul DeJong would […]

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