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Looking at the Split Squad Results from Monday

On Monday, there were some good things that could make Cardinal fans happy. But you need to be cautioned that this is just Spring Training and everyone is starting anew and others are “working on” things. But it is still very fine to see how some of the younger guys, some prospects, and some not […]

Credit GM John Mozeliak

Everything that goes on in the Cardinals that might be construed as negative the fans tend to jump on Genreal Manager John Mozeliak and begin berating him. When you look at the big picture you will find he has done a marvelous job in his position. The latest accolade comes in signing Carlos Martinez for […]

February- Spring Training is Almost Here!

You just got to love this time of the year. February is here and Spring Training is just about ready to begin. Officially, the off-season continues but very little is done to make moves for the next couple of months that are bigly. 🙂 The Cardinals did announce their tv schedule for Spring Training yesterday […]

Official Ground Rules- ALL MLB Stadiums

So was that a home run or a double? That thing sticking out, is it in play or out of play? Now you will know the answer. Here are the ground rules throughout all major leagues parks.   Universal Ground Rules The Commissioner’s Office has issued the following Universal Ground Rules for use in all […]

2017 Cardinals Promotional Schedule

This is directly from the press release they sent to me.   2017 Cardinals Magnet Schedule (Budweiser) Sunday, April 2 vs. Chicago Cubs, 7:30 pm All fans, ages 21 and older Whom do we play? What time is the game? Are we home or away? Go 162/162 for these questions by coming out to the […]

Why Allow Harper to Get a Pitch to Crank?

Face it, we all were thinking the same thing at the same time except for Mike Matheny and Derek Lilliquist. Why pitch to Bryce Harper? Don’t throw him a strike. Keep the ball down, very down. Even when he’s struggling at the plate, Bryce Harper knows how to put a good swing on a bad pitch […]

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