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A look at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team from a GM perspective.

Time to Finish What We Started

Posted by on Sep 20, 2015 in Cardinals | Comments Off on Time to Finish What We Started

  The Cubs are annoying. Not because they have been beating us but because they are talking. Chattering. Making noise like they do this every year. In Central Illinois, it is annoying. Time for the Cardinals to get back on the horse and finish the season with a strong gallop. We know we play the Pirates or Cubs in some format so let’s get the extra days rest and “go for it.” Time to finish what we...

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St. Louis Cardinals Play Next Man Up

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015 in Cardinals | Comments Off on St. Louis Cardinals Play Next Man Up

  Things are a bit better in Cardinal Land. They have been able to handle the Brewers while the second place team loses. I am all for that! Carlos Martinez and Jason Heyward were the catalysts on Tuesday and Tommy Pham along with Jaime Garcia got the job done. It was closed out by Trevor Rosenthal. The media keeps making much about the rookies on the Cubs but remains silent about the Cardinals youngsters. Kind of like they just expect that. One thing about Pham’s play, Holliday can set til the end of the season or near it to continue to heal. I truly believe he wasn’t healed but activated for psychological reasons. Remember, Pittsburgh still has a West Coast trip to make. John Lackey, you are next man...

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Keep Calm Cardinal Fans

Posted by on Sep 13, 2015 in Cardinals | Comments Off on Keep Calm Cardinal Fans

  The Cardinals have been SO good for SO long that is is difficult to watch them lose night after night in September. It is a good thing they had a lot of wins early as it appears they are going to need everyone of them to win this division. Let’s try to stay calm. But it is a nervous...

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Cardinals Get Red(s) Faced

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 in Cardinals | Comments Off on Cardinals Get Red(s) Faced

  Bottom dwelling Cincinnati Reds completely destroyed the Cardinals on Thursday. It is a game like last night that should remind fans that every game counts. It is a good thing the Cardinals played well early in the season and won a bunch of games. It allows for several nights like we just had. Maybe since they pitched Lamb last night we should have countered with our Lyons....

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We Have Been Here Before….

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Cardinals | Comments Off on We Have Been Here Before….

  Cardinals drop another to the Cubs and that is no fun when you live in central Illinois. But the big thing is the fact that this is not new to us. “We have been here before.” What do I mean? In 2014, we were 4.5 games ahead and lost 3 straight to the Reds and the lead dwindled to 2.5 games. Then the last 15 games saw the Cardinals win 10 of them and end as the NLCentral winners by 2 games. You can be concerned. It is bound to happen. But let’s not go in despair and I realize it is a bit more “hurtful” that the Cubs have handled us twice in a row. Realistically, they are a very good team and their time will come soon. For now let’s act like “we have been here...

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Cardinals Laid Egg v. Cubs

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015 in Cardinals | Comments Off on Cardinals Laid Egg v. Cubs

    Yes, I know the Cardinals lost (laid egg) to the Cubs 9-0. Also, I know the Cardinals magic number moved by one and now there is one less game on the schedule. It is only ONE game. The concerning part to me is in the last four games we have been outscored 30-11. OUCH.   Ok, it was kind of funny tht i got a tweet back from Dan McLaughlin because I said he was talking to much about other stuff and getting off on how much he need from a game several years ago. Like “wasn’t Bo Hart on second base when that happened?” Let’s stick to the game. His tweet was meant to be sarcastic with this response….   Dan McLaughlin @DannyMacTV @CardinalsGM Hey, thanks for the “help” Also, thanks for your support of Cardinals...

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