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NL Central

I am putting up my predictions as of this moment with the idea I can change them if any team in the NL Central makes any significant changes before the season starts.

Here we go:

1. Chicago Cubs- it pains me, but they are still the team to beat. I actually think they may have stepped backwards a bit my losing Wood, Marquis and DeRosa. The additions are not nearly as good. Gregg and Bradley, come on! Bradley is the key here. If he is not injured, keeps his mouth shut and just flat out plays, he can be very good. What are the chances of that? Wins= 92

2. St Louis Cardinals- A healthy Carpenter is paramount to success from them. Their offseason acquisitions seem to be minimal with Greene at shortstop and Reyes for the pen. The others are just meh unless they surprise us. Will Rasmus play this season? I believe he will be given the opportunity. A few newbies in the infield have me concerned a bit with Schumaker and Mather manning those grounders. Wins= 88

3. Cincinnati Reds- The most improved team and a very young one in most regards. They can go from 3rd to 5th very easily. Wins= 86

4. Houston Astros- What have they done lately for improvement? I will get back to you on that. Wins= 83

5. Milwaukee Brewers- They lost the most this year with the departure of several players like Sabathia and Sheets. The still have Fielder and Braun but this team will struggle. Wins= 78

6. Pittsburgh Pirates- These are the Pirates. Wins= 76

Got your own? Next up will be NL East.

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