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Reverse Psychology from Cardinals Bloggers….

It has been being written by many bloggers of the St. Louis Cardinals that fans need not worry that the team will be fine. Sometimes they are making fun of fans and other bloggers that are voicing and writing about their concern that the Cardinals are just not good.

I am here to be one of those that agree the Cardinals are just not that good and highly overachieved until just before All Star break. Maybe some are saying this because there is a chance the team can be average to below average and coast their way into the playoffs and then they can be right and ask you to move away from the ledge.

I am not going to delve into all of the statistics, I am using one and that is losses. They have been plentiful and the Cardinals are worried about the direction they are headed. This is somewhat proven with the addition of Kolten Wong to the 40-man roster.

Everybody has their opinion and the Cardinals are likely to limp into the playoffs but the fact is they are not an above average team in 2013.


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