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A look at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team from a GM perspective.

It’s time.

It is time to see what we can get in the way of a trade for Brendan Ryan. He is out of options so in order to not play him we need to ship him off or he sits on our bench. Yes, he isĀ  hard worker. Yes, he is a very good defensive player…. BUT, he can’t hit. He is not in a slump, he is having a bad year. We are just short of the halfway part of the season and he struggles to stay above the Mendoza line.

We need to work on finding someone with some “pop” to replace him. I don’t believe Lopez is the guy, nor Miles, nor Tyler Greene nor Schumaker…. WAIT, that brings up another point. we have FAR too many middle infielders on our roster. If they were good enough, you could cut about 2 more off there and find some sticks that can get us some runs.

Trade him and do NOT overvalue him like many are doing.

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  1. Ryan hit pretty well last year, which may have been a fluke. The mean he would regress to is below the .290 range, but nowhere near the Mendoza line doldrums he’s sunk in now. I believe he could settle down hit well enough for a plus defense shortstop if he were simply left alone and allowed to play without the constant threat of benching or a platoon role hanging over his head.

    Ryan’s low on-base percentage is more troubling, perhaps a byproduct of pressure to have a bat with ‘pop’. The unrealistic expectation that a shortstop must have ‘pop’ isn’t that helpful. Slugging shortstops are the exception for a reason. A good glove with superior range is a huge asset (ask Whitey Herzog), still underrated by the fantasy baseball, offense is everything, mentality.

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