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A look at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team from a GM perspective.

Time to Re-Consider David Freese’s Future in STL


I believe the “deer ran out in front of me” story that took place around Thanksgiving to David Freese has caused Cardinal management to pause and re-consider his future role in a St. Louis uniform. Let’s get serious for a moment and look at some facts.

Freese turns 30 yrs old in April and is or past his prime years. The arbitration case with him is pending with the Cardinals offering $2.4 million and Freese requesting $3.5. That is a considerable difference.

Why are the Cardinals going low? It is my opinion that they are concerned about his personal habits, for one. Yes he has had some alcohol related issues in his past but now the recent Thanksgiving story brings that to the front.

He has had several issues with is ankles which have had him in limited playing time throughout most of his career. So what do they do with a local hero and World Series MVP?

It is time to check the market and attempt to find a trade because he may never be this valuable again in a Cardinals uniform. That will be difficult but it is needed. We are only a few short years from a couple of third basemen coming nto their own in the minor  leagues (Carson Kelly and Stephen Piscotty).

Now is the time.