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Linking Around the American League

As we begin linking around the American League looking at some of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance writers we find several are talking about the Hall of Fame vote. But what are the others saying?

  • Camden Crazies, an Orioles blogger, wants to know why Jeff Mathis plays so much.
  • In Boston they are discussing the signings of Max Ramirez and Tony Pena, Jr at Fire Brand of the American League.
  • Tremendous Upside Potential discusses the White Sox and all sports in Chicago.
  • Tribe Scribe compares C.C. Sabathia to Jack Morris.
  • You will get a roll of the eyes from The Tigers Den when talking about Fred Lewis joining the Tigers.
  • Talk a stroll back in Kansas City baseball to remember Cookie Rojas and Freddie Patek at i70 baseball.
  • Mike Trout is the Top Prospect in the report of their Top 50 for the Angels at Angels Win. Com.
  • Twinkie Talk covers all of the numbers that got Bert Blyleven elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • At Lady Loves Pinstripes, the Yankees blogger makes a case for the need of Andy Pettitte.
  • Random thoughts on the Mariners is the pervasive attitude at SoDo Mojo.
  • The Tao of Stieb, from Blue Jay land, reminds all of the bloggers how difficult it is to keep writing.

That’s Linking Around the American League for this week.

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