Cardinals GM

A look at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team from a GM perspective.

Looking Back at the Opener and Ahead

  I didn’t expect the Cardinals would go undefeated so they at least got that out of the way. Opening Day wasn’t a good one for the Cardinals or their fans. Right out of the gate (remember it is only the first game) some of the concerns hit us. Carlos Martinez has a million dollars […]

The Last Before the First

It’s fun being a Cardinals fan. Just today, I went for a workout wearing one of my red Cardinal shirts and struck up a fantastic conversation with a Cardinals fan. He had just returned from Jupiter and was as psyched about the start of the season. Today is the last Spring Training game before Opening […]

Pace of Minor League Games- Come on, Man!

Something simple as baseball has been torn apart. They have taken the sweet game and just messed it up too far. They want to make the minor league games similar to a 14u game when it gets to extra innings. Put a runner on second to start any extra-innings until they get a winner.   […]

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